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OpenCV + Unity3D – Hand Detection Car Controller


OpenCV + Unity3D - Hand Detection Car Controller This is a prototype created for one of our clients who wanted to develop a Hand Detection Car Controller. This controller was later used for different experiences, mostly related with digital walls entertainment. Technologies: Unity3D, OpenCV, Python. Platforms: Linux [...]

Ruffles – Augmented Reality Application


Ruffles - Augmented Reality Application These are a series of prototypes and experiments that we built for Ruffles Company. These are Augmented Reality applications that make use of different brand packaging as markers. The app detects the logos included in the packaging and use them as a reference for a Tower Defense game. [...]

Mama – Augmented Reality Application


MAMA me lo como todo - Augmented Reality Application This is an Augmented Reality Application oriented to small children, designed as a companion application, included in a kid's restaurant menu. The app detects the logo (and other markers) included in the package and instantiates a series of 3D scenes including animals, medieval characters(knights, [...]

Gravity VR – Virtual Reality Game


Gravity VR - Virtual Reality Game This is a game designed to experience the sensation of free falling in Virtual Reality. Users compete with their friends getting more points before reaching the end,  avoiding the lasers and capturing points. This VR game is optimized for Android mobile phones and the use of Google [...]

AirSim – Simulator Engine for drones, cars and other vehicles based on Unreal Engine


AirSim - Simulator Engine for drones, cars and other vehicles based on Unreal Engine AirSim is a simulator engine for drones, cars and more, built on Unreal Engine (it also includes a Unity version). It is open-source, cross platform, and supports software-in-the-loop simulation with popular flight controllers such as PX4 & ArduPilot and [...]

Balls Off! – Unity 3D Arcade Game


Balls Off! – Unity 3D Arcade Game Balls Off is a simple arcade game mechanics that aims aims for fun and skills. Clear the color balls by pressing the correct color buttons at the bottom before they come crashing down. You need to clear the complete lowest row before clearing the next row. [...]

Poker Blitz – HTML5 Multiplayer Game


Poker Blitz - HTML5 Multiplayer game This is a multiplayer (turn based) web based game that includes an innovative way of playing poker (a mix of Bejeweled & Poker actually). Although the game is designed to run on a browser, this game is also iOS/Android compatible, since is entirely made on HTML5. The [...]

Virtual & Augmented Reality First Person Shooter – Unity 3D


Virtual & Augmented Reality First Person Shooter based on Unity 3D (Cardboard-compatible devices) This is a Virtual & Augmented Reality First Person Shooter game developed to be used in Shopping mall areas and expositions. The system includes a backend service running on a local or online server that manages the players registration, the [...]

Preguntados – Trivia Game Platform


Preguntados - Trivia Game Platform Trivia Game Platform for Adults & Kids. Trivia Game was developed for the Argentine Government and it was used in several expos, both as a recreational and as an educational Game. The game itself is built as a framework and allows the administrator to create new categories, administer [...]

Golden Team Soccer


Golden Team Soccer Mobile (iOS & Android) Soccer game developed in Unity 3D - C#. The game includes different functionalities like campaign mode, multiplayer & rankings. The AI of the game was developed based on Behavior Trees. The development also included a custom backend and APIs developed in .NET Core & MSSQL server. [...]

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