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Ruffles – Augmented Reality Application


Ruffles - Augmented Reality Application These are a series of prototypes and experiments that we built for Ruffles Company. These are Augmented Reality applications that make use of different brand packaging as markers. The app detects the logos included in the packaging and use them as a reference for a Tower Defense game. [...]

Mama – Augmented Reality Application


MAMA me lo como todo - Augmented Reality Application This is an Augmented Reality Application oriented to small children, designed as a companion application, included in a kid's restaurant menu. The app detects the logo (and other markers) included in the package and instantiates a series of 3D scenes including animals, medieval characters(knights, [...]

L’Oréal – Augmented Reality Application


L'Oréal - Augmented Reality Application This is an augmented reality application that we've built for L'Oréal. It's an internal tool that allows to the product creative team to experiment with almost real models of the product before creating the final product. Includes functionality to change the materials, colors, size, shapes, etc. The objective [...]

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